Deutscher Family Memorial

The display was in high demand from several schools across North Dakota in the springs and summers of 2013 -  2019 as students and administrators looked forward to upcoming events such as prom, graduation & summer vacations. The general student attendance was from grades 7th thru 12th. Students and staff were mostly speechless as they viewed the wrecked vehicle where 3 people and an unborn baby all died due to the poor decision of another driver to drive while drunk. Several people, adults included, were driven to tears when they viewed in the back seat, the car seat and diaper bag, used by 18 month old Brielle. After viewing the wreck, Allison Deutscher’s father, Lynn Mickelson, addresses the student body for about 45 minutes describing how this horrific event has changed the lives of so many people and the fact that this entire tragedy was 100% PREVENTABLE. He does not “preach” or “lecture” on alcohol use. He speaks about people making wise decisions in their lives and surrounding events where alcohol is involved. While addressing the students, there is a high level of ‘connecting mentally and emotionally’ with the reality that this entire living family died in that very vehicle. There is a reaction from the student body that evokes several to tears and all to ‘dead silence’. A very usual comment from school administrators is that they have NEVER seen or heard a group so totally quiet throughout an entire presentation. This entire display and presentation is just one of life’s stark realities and continues to be available through 2021. 
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     **National Award-Peter K. O'Rourke Special Achievement Award presented at the Governor's National Highway Safety Association  August 2018.

Crashed Car Display


Deutscher Family Crashed Car Display

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North Dakota Safety Council Annual Conference

Bismarck, ND  (900)

CCar - Lynn Mickelson

& Tom Deutscher 





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Mayville-Portland High School​ - Mayville, ND

CCar - Lynn Mickelson